A little about Saddlers Row
Established in 1996, Saddlers Row is one of the largest, full-service English saddle shops in the United States, located just outside of Chicago in Palatine, IL. We offer a full range of apparel, equipment, health care products, and services. Our educated staff all have an equestrian background, which range from various disciplines to skill levels so we can better help our customers needs. It is important to us at Saddlers Row to serve its community by supporting and donating to local rescues and charities. We offer free services, such as blanket washing, to rescues, therapeutic groups, and various charitable organizations across Illinois. Frances Bowers, life long horsewoman and the owner of Saddlers Row, has owned and operated local tack shops for over 40 years. Her love and dedication to horses and her community is one of the many reasons why Saddlers Row began, over 19 years ago. 

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One of our volunteers mentioned our rescue to Frances Bowers, the owner of Saddlers Row. Well, grass does not grow under her feet. She immediately called and asked what she could do and what we needed. Noble Outfitters, in Modesto, CA;  www.nobleoutfitters.com, a distributor for Saddlers Row donated muck buckets and rakes. And, Saddlers Row donated some pony blankets (see Scout with his new blanket at right) and some sheets. Their generosity is truly appreciated and we cannot thank them enough.

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Casey's Safe Haven - A Holistic Horse Rescue

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People helping HORSES helping People

Casey's Safe Haven | PO Box 103 | Elburn, IL 60119 | www.caseyssafehaven.org | info@caseyssafehaven.org

Registered Illinois Horse Rescue License #14155 | Approved Illinois Charitable Organization

Tax-Exempt 501(c) 3 Organization | Internal Revenue Service File #45-2865627

A Little About Us

Casey's Safe Haven is located within Field of Dreams Farm in Elburn, Illinois.  We are a non-profit volunteer organization operating solely on donations.  With generosity from animal lovers all around, we help our wonderful equine guests heal and find their forever homes.  

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Call Sue at 815-762-1983 or Email: sueballa@caseyssafehaven.org

Casey's Safe Haven - A Holistic Horse Rescue

Lola has been Adopted!!!!

It is with a joyful heart that we share the most wonderful news...Our precious Lola has been adopted!!!! Lola's has found her "Special Person" and we couldn't be more thrilled for the two of them! And guess what makes this even better? Lola will be staying at Casey's Safe Haven!
Darling Sophie Joseph of Buffalo Grove officially adopted Lola yesterday afternoon. Sophie has been volunteering at Casey's Safe Haven for a couple of months now and when she met Lola, it was love at first sight. She felt a very strong connection and bond with Lola and couldn't stop talking about her. Little did she know that Lola was telling Momma Sue the same thing....that she found HER special person! Momma Sue knew of the strong connection and bond - she could see it with Lola. Sophie has spent a lot of time with Lola getting to know her, grooming, caring for and loving her. Sophie knows everything that Lola has been through and does not want to uproot her from the first place that she found love and respect.
Sophie will be 13 years old in a few weeks and has been riding since she was six years old. She has had a strong love and empathy for animals ever since she was born. It's who she is and how she is made. We all feel like Sophie is an old soul. Along with volunteering at Casey's Safe Haven, Sophie volunteers with the Hippotherapy program at Equestrian Connection in Lake Forrest and at Plum Loco Animal Farm in Egg Harbor, WI (during summer visits).
When Lola came to Casey's Safe Haven two and a half years ago she was starved, severely neglected, the spirit gone from her eyes. It was a long recovery road but today, with the help of all of our supporters, Lola has healed in mind, body and spirit and is a healthy, stunning, amazing girl with an incredible soul, full of life. It's truly an honor to know Lola and it warms our hearts that she has found such an amazing young lady, who already loves her to pieces and who wants them to spend the rest of their lives together.

Our Sweet CeCe is in the News!

Read a little about our CeCe HERE  in the Kane County Chronicle - June 3, 2015