Athena and Sierra - Looking for their Forever Home

Athena is a 36 year old pony mare who was retired from a pony ride facility. When she arrived she looked like a woolly mammoth! She had long hair and was very shaggy due to having cushings  disease. Her hips and back legs were giving out due to carrying too much weight for too long. Her healing began with lots of our wonderful volunteers grooming and massaging her to get her back end working better. She is a fiesty little girl with almost no teeth left so she is on a special diet of mostly sweet potatoes. She is looking for a forever home with a loving family who will let her live her life out being pampered.

Sierra is a 11 year old pony mare who was rescued from a barn that was in financial distress. Sadly her hooves had not been trimmed in a very long time. When we picked her up she was in a lot of pain and could barely walk. We took her to our awesome foster home with Len and Shirley and the work began to help her heal. They treated her hooves twice a day with the Rio’s Relief Balm for the pain and to get the circulation going in her feet. Next, we had the farrier out for her first trim in a couple of years. After the very first trim she was able to walk much better. We had the vet take x-rays to see if and how badly she had foundered (the bone in the hoof rotates). The x-rays showed she did founder due to not being trimmed for so long. It has been several months now and her hooves look normal again and she is moving around well. Sierra is extremely sweet and appreciative for getting a second chance. She is a special-needs pony who can never be ridden by kids and is looking for a forever home as a pet.

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Beau and Spirit - Looking for their Forever Home


Beau is a 29 year old retired pony ride pony. For years he has put smiles on the faces of kids giving pony rides, but now he is retired and looking for a special person who will open their hearts.


Spirit is a 21 year old paint pony gelding who came from a rescue out west. He has foundered in the past, so he has issues with being on too much grass. He is very sweet and loves being groomed by our wonderful volunteers. He is on a special diet of sweet potatoes and cannot be ridden due to foundering. He is looking for a forever home to enjoy being loved by a wonderful family.

Casey's Safe Haven - A Holistic Horse Rescue

Casey's Safe Haven - A Holistic Horse Rescue