Casey's Safe Haven - A Holistic Horse Rescue

Casey's Safe Haven - A Holistic Horse Rescue

Barb adopts Saoirse from Kill Pen and Slaughter

 One of our founders, Barb, has been involved in the kill lot rescue network. She has bailed some equines directly from the kill lots, helped them get through quarantine, and then helped them find new homes. But one very special girl from that kill lot will be coming to Casey's to live. Her name is Saoirse, pronounced "SEER' sha", which means Freedom in Gaelic.
Although many people thought the horse slaughter problem was solved when the slaughterhouses were closed in the United States some years ago, unfortunately that is not the case. Mexico and Canada, our two neighboring countries, both still have booming horse slaughter industries. Far too many horses that are brought to auction in this country get purchased by kill buyers, hauled to various kill lots around the country, then loaded onto trailers and hauled to either Mexico or Canada.Many starve to death. The trailer ride is brutal and slaughter at the end of the ride is even more inhumane and brutal. What can you do to help? The first thing is to contact your Senators and Representatives and ask them to support the SAFE Act, which would at least ban the export and import of horses to be slaughtered for human consumption. Is it enough? No. But it's a start. 

Charlie has been Adopted!
Our sweet boy now has his very own Forever Momma and Forever Home. His Foster Mom, Jeri, is officially a "foster failure" - she adopted Charlie in May and all of us Casey's Safe Haven could not be happier!!!
Charlie was rescued by Casey's Safe Haven in June of 2011 and has been our longest staying "guest". Charlie spent over 20 years of his life "working the wheel". He arrived to Casey's very thin and terrified of every little movement around him. After a year of good food, proper care, a consistent routine, plenty of patience, and being treated with love and respect - Charlie turned a corner. He has since made even greater strides with the help of many people at Casey's and his special human buddy, Ryan. And now Charlie has his very own Forever Momma to love him, take care of him every day and tuck him in with a kiss every night. We are over-the-moon happy for you Charlie Bear and Jeri!


Lola has been adopted and we could not be happier. Congratulations on such a great partnership - Sophie and Lola.

Rags to Riches Happenings

Autumn has been Adopted!!

And, Nemo went with Her.

Sweet Autumn started working at the pony ride facility when she was 12 years old, and continued pulling the wheel for the next 25 years!
Autumn has cataracts in both eyes. She has a bad cut on her right cheek due to constantly wearing a halter that was too small. She will never have to wear that halter again; she now has a brand new properly fitting halter that she will only wear when necessary.

We will continue to update their new life...

Charlie and Angel

Charlie and Angel came to Casey's Safe Haven when the pony ride facility where they lived most of their years no longer wanted them. Angel was blind, terribly thin and sore, and could no longer do the work she had been required to do. Charlie was very skittish and fearful of humans, but he was Angel's "seeing eye" pony. Angel has gone on to Heaven and Charlie has learned that life is good and humans can be kind. He is a proud, handsome pony. Charlie is looking for his forever home as a pasture pal to another pony or horse, with a special person who will be patient and understanding of his fear issues. 

Read about Lola's adoption on Facebook.

Congratulations to Sophie Joseph and Lola who found each other and the best news for all of us who love Lola is that Sophie's family is keeping Lola with us at Casey's Save Haven. Lola has found a wonderful family and so glad Sophie found her.