Beau is a 29 year old retired pony ride pony. For years he has put smiles on the faces of kids giving pony rides, but now he is retired and looking for a special person who will open their hearts.​ to a senior pony with special feed requirements.


Sierra is a 11 year old pony mare who was rescued from a barn that was in financial distress. Sadly her hooves had not been trimmed in a very long time. When we picked her up she was in a lot of pain and could barely walk. We took her to our awesome foster home with Len and Shirley and the work began to help her heal. They treated her hooves twice a day with the Rio’s Relief Balm for the pain and to get the circulation going in her feet. Next, we had the farrier out for her first trim in a couple of years. After the very first trim she was able to walk much better. We had the vet take x-rays to see if and how badly she had foundered (the bone in the hoof rotates). The x-rays showed she did founder due to not being trimmed for so long. It has been several months now and her hooves look normal again and she is moving around well. Sierra is extremely sweet and appreciative for getting a second chance. She is a special-needs pony who can never be ridden by kids and is looking for a forever home as a pet.​

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Look at this beautiful lady! She is getting better everyday! 
Honey is more comfortable in her own body now. When she first came to us and laid down, we could tell how uncomfortable she was because she was laying on bones rather than muscle and bulk. Yesterday, for the first time, she went outside and laid down and rolled over onto her other side. This tells us that laying down is not as painful and she’s gaining strength- great news for Honey!

We have the vet out immediately to assess Honey's physical Condition
We had our vet, Dr. Golden, out to check Honey to assess her condition. She agreed with Animal Control that she is a body condition of 1 which is the lowest before they cross over. Honey is at least 300 pounds underweight. She has a very slight heart murmur which Dr. Golden says may self-resolve when she gains weight and energy. Her teeth and feet are not horrible, but need attention after she gains weight and strength. We drew blood, and considering her condition, we were not surprised by the results. She is anemic, many of her levels were low, her intestines are compromised, she has pinworms and her liver levels are high. What was a surprise is that her kidney levels are good- THANK GOODNESS. We also drew a Coggins test and she is negative. We reviewed what we have been feeding her and supplements and Doc said she wouldn’t change anything that we are doing.
We have to mention, that through all of this Honey has been as sweet as can be and we can tell how grateful she is to all that are helping and loving her! She is a remarkable girl and we have promised her that she will NEVER be in this position again. Thank you for all the support, prayers and donations as without these- none of this is possible.​

Update October, 2018

Our volunteer Dita came out to help with Poppy, Teddy and Honey to see if they could be ridden for the first time since arriving at Casey's. When we tacked up Honey, she was a little nervous with not knowing what is going to happen to her and  knowing what she had been through is completely understandable. We took our time and she was nervous so we brought over her friend Beauty to walk around with her while Dita rode and she did much better.  She has some stiffness issues that we will work with slowly to make her more comfortable.  All and all she did fantastic. 

Meet our Newest Rescue - Chelsea

This is our newest rescue, Chelsea, who we welcomed with open arms to Casey’s Safe Haven. Chelsea is a 23 year old chestnut Quarter Horse mare who is so incredibly sweet! We quickly found out that she really likes people and adores being groomed!
Chelsea came from a loving home of 15 years where the owners no longer had the time or money to care for her. She has been ridden English and western and seems to be completely sound. We will give her some time to settle in and find comfort with us and the other horses, then we will work with her and find out if she is as wonderful as she appears.

The talented chiropractor, Dr. Weiss, was out earlier this week to do treatments on Chelsea, Teddy and Honey. This was Chelsea’s first time getting a chiropractic adjustment from Dr. Weiss and she loved it! Dr. Weiss said she was locked up in the poll and withers, but now she is much better! This means we can gently start to ride her since she has had her feet trimmed, her teeth done and a chiropractic treatment. Chelsea has been a complete Angel for everything!


Tigger was found walking down the road by a good Samaritan we will call Saint Mark. Tigger is a 18 year old paint gelding pony who was skin and bones and clearly not taken care of. Mark took him in for a few months to be with his horses until Mark developed more health problems. Mark called us and asked if we could take him. Tigger was extremely scared when we went to pick him up as he had no clue what was happening to him next. He came to Casey’s with some aggression issues towards other horses and ponies. It was clear that the rescue had too much activity for him so we moved him to our wonderful foster home with Jeri where there were only two other ponies. In no time he calmed down and is now one of the gang with Charlie and Beau. Tigger has some foot soreness that we are working through and will be up for adoption soon. He is a sweet loving boy now and deserves a great forever home.​

Cece and Fiona

Cece is a 16 year old paint mare pony that came to Casey’s from a dog and cat rescue in central Illinois. They had gone to get some dogs from a hoarder situation and also found Cece. Cece had one leg that looked deformed from - most likely – an injury that was not cared for and improper hoof care. We contacted them about Rio's Relief balm that we had used with great results in hopes that it would help her. They explained they had no place to keep her and asked if we could take her as no other rescue had offered any help or advise other than to put her down. Their vet and farrier advised putting her down. Thank goodness the woman who ran the rescue did not agree and neither did we - so we took her to give her a chance. After a short time her leg is now straight and we are still working on getting her hoof at the right angle to stretch the last set of tendons and ligaments. Cece is a spunky little pony that lets us know that she truly appreciates the fact that we did not give up on her! She has no problems getting around and can trot and canter with the best of them! 

Fiona is a beautiful 12 year old Appaloosa mare pony that came from a pony ride facility. She was purchased by the pony ride facility as part of a herd of ponies. They immediately realized she could not be used as she is blind in one eye and only has partial vision out of the other. She didn’t mind the weight on her back but was spooky as she couldn’t tell when the kids were coming up to get on her. She gets around fine and is perfectly healthy other than her vision issues. We call her our Thelwell pony as she is a beautiful mover and chunky with a thick neck like the cartoons and books. 

Cece and Fiona will only be adopted together as they became immediate buddies and depend on each other for comfort. Can you be that home that will take two little special ponies in and care for them?

Teddy B

Teddy is a 15 hand 18 year old paint quarter horse gelding. He was relinquished by a loving owner that could no longer keep him for reasons beyond her control. He came to us crippled in his front feet and we were told he had foundered twice and had laminitis.  We had the vet out and X-rays thankfully showed this was not the case.  He had shoes and pads and had severe thrush under the pads.  He is 90% better but still has a slight issue.  We are working with the vet and options to get Teddy back to sound so he can be ridden.  He is such a nice boy and deserves a great forever person to share his life with.

Update October, 2018

Our volunteer Dita came out to help with Poppy, Teddy and Honey to see if they could be ridden for the first time since arriving at Casey's.

​It has been a long road for Teddy but he is doing fantastic.  After not being ridden for close to a year he was a perfect gentleman to tack up and for Dita to get on.  She only rode him for a short time and we will increase his time slowly to make sure he continues to do well.  Anyone interested in adopting Teddy can please fill out the adoption application on our website.

Cookies & Cream

Cookie and Cream are both 30+ year old donkeys that were retired from a pony ride facility. They were both thin and frail when they arrived at one of our wonderful foster homes with Len and Shirley. We have only had them a short time but both are gaining weight and strength from special supplements and a special diet. Both are extremely friendly and vocal every time someone walks into their barn or pasture. They are a bonded pair and have been together most of their lives. Once we get them to a healthy stage we will put them up for adoption together as a pair. Considering donkeys can live to be 50 years old they have many years to give love and companionship to someone lucky people.​


Athena is a 36 year old pony mare who was retired from a pony ride facility. When she arrived she looked like a woolly mammoth! She had long hair and was very shaggy due to having cushings  disease. Her hips and back legs were giving out due to carrying too much weight for too long. Her healing began with lots of our wonderful volunteers grooming and massaging her to get her back end working better. She is a fiesty little girl with almost no teeth left so she is on a special diet of mostly sweet potatoes. She is looking for a forever home with a loving family who will let her live her life out being pampered.​


Dexter is an extremely friendly, sweet and vocal 35 year old pony retired from a pony ride facility.  He will whinny and trot up to greet anyone who walks into the pony pasture. When he arrived he was thin, anemic and weak. Within a couple of days, it became apparent that he has a slight breathing issue. His breathing issues are completely under control and he is now healthy and happy. This little guy is so incredibly sweet and has worked hard his entire life serving others, we will do what it takes to see that he has a happy, healthy, content and pampered retirement he so deserves. He would make a great companion for an older horse or pony and just loves having kids petting, hugging and brushing him. He is a favorite of many due to his darling personality! His days of being ridden are done but he has plenty of love to share!


Poppy was brought into our rescue on 7/31/18 but our barn was
full and, gratefully, she was able to stay at our friend, Jeni’s, barn.
From the start, it was quite clear to us that Poppy was (almost)
completely blind as she was bumping into the walls, fencing, water
troughs and her water bucket. Her right eye was draining constantly
​and closed- she would not open it at all. Her left eye was barely open and draining, but not as badly as the right one. Both eyes were so swollen she looked deformed. Poppy has been receiving daily treatments of Rio’s Relief Oil drops in her feed and Zeus’ Oil rubbed above her eyes. In just over a week, the swelling in both eyes is down by 75% and the left eye is no longer draining and the right one is draining considerably less. We feel that Poppy can now see shadows and is no longer bumping into the fencing, the water bucket or her feed tub. Also, she can follow the horses when they are moving around in the adjacent pastures.
When our Petunia Donkey went over to Jeni’s barn on Monday to be with Misty (just for a little while), we were able to bring Poppy over to Casey’s rescue barn. Trailering an almost blind horse is tricky enough and we only had a week to build up our trust with her and her with with us. Our friend, Ginger, brought her four horse stock trailer so we could give Poppy a "traveling stall" for moving. It took just a little time, but she walked in with Momma Sue and was a super star all the way to Casey’s 
Poppy stepped off the trailer a little worried which only lasted a moment as she relaxed right into her new home. We turned her out in her pasture and she was cool, calm and collected. As we mentioned earlier, she went out in the pasture for the first time and did not bump into fencing and she could see and follow the ponies in the adjacent pasture and seems to love the ponies. It is a great day when something like this goes so smoothly!
The day after Poppy moved, we had Dr. Golden out to look at numerous horses and ponies including Poppy. She said Poppy was completely blind in her right eye (she has Uveitis with mature cataract leading to secondary blindness)and her left eye can see light (Uveitis with immature cataract with secondary glaucoma). We have added more meds to her eyes and are hoping to restore her sight in her left eye. Please say a little prayer for her eyes to find their sight again. Poppy is only ten years old and a complete sweetheart! We are so very happy to have her with us and will do everything we can to help her eyes. Look for our video of Poppy’s first day in a separate post.

Update October, 2018

Our volunteer Dita came out to help with Poppy, First we tacked up sweet Poppy and she was very nervous.  Her vision is improving but she’s just not sure what’s going to happen to her.  We took our time and just talked to her and walked her around the field.  Then we took her to the field with her donkey buddy Gabriel and she did better. We are going to go very slow to build trust before Dita gets on her.  She is such a extraordinary horse!!  When the time comes she will make someone who can have a deep relationship with her a fantastic horse.  Partial blindness does not mean they cannot be ridden.  Some extraordinary horses have won competitions with partial vision.  The horse and rider have to have a deep connection and anything is possible!

If interested in any of the rescued equines up for adoption, please fill out an Adoption Application. 

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Sweet little Ginger is 20 years old and has been blind for a long time. Ten years ago, a wonderful elderly couple had a horse in their back yard and decided to purchase a mini for their grandkids. When they went to look at the mini there was another chestnut pony tied to a tree. They asked about the pony and the man said she was mostly blind and they didn’t know where she would end up. The wonderful elderly couple decided to purchase the blind pony as well and gave her a safe new life in their pasture.
Well, ten years later sweet Ginger now has cushings disease and breathing problems in addition to her blindness. Unfortunately, this was more than the 80 year old couple could handle, so we brought Ginger to Casey’s rescue barn.
Her breathing issues are completely under control, her cushings is getting better and her vision has improved slightly using holistic oils and herbs. Ginger is a very special needs pony and will require ongoing special care for the rest of her life. Please consider being a monthly sponsor for Ginger - she is such a sweetheart and deserves the best life we can give her. 

Casey's Safe Haven - A Holistic Horse Rescue


Beauty is a 15 hand 9 year old buckskin quarter horse mare. She was “bailed” from the slaughter yard and is currently recovering from an injury on her left hind leg. Beauty was severely abused before she came to us. It is quite apparent she was beaten in the head, has rope marks around her hind pastern and a brand on her hip. She was so terrified of everything we did! She did not know what kindness was. At the beginning, it would take us ten minutes just to put a halter on her as she was afraid of humans going near her head. She is the perfect testimonial for what kindness and patience can do. After a couple years of being at Casey’s, she is now so sweet and trusting! Anyone can put her halter or fly mask on, groom her or give her a shower. She clearly now enjoys the attention of people. We are not sure how long it will take for her to heal or if she will ever be rideable again. We are hoping through massage, chiropractic and laser therapy. She will be able to be ridden by a small person. But whether ridable or not – she would make a great companion for human and/or horse.