Casey's Safe Haven - A Holistic Horse Rescue


We use our Bio-mat that has infrared heat and therapeutic crystals in it to get deep into the tissue to help everything relax so they can heal. You can watch the horse’s eyes as they go into la-la land when you put it on their back. As they completely relax, they seem to fall asleep.

Animal Communicator

We have an animal communicator (also donated time) that works with us to ask the animal how they are feeling. The animal will communicate to us about where they are hurting. We now are able to tell our vet, farrier, and massage person (because we are blessed that they are all open minded) what the horse has communicated which helps them pinpoint where to work. Pretty amazing!

Veterinary Needs

Equines need to have their teeth floated (filed down) yearly by our vet, Dr. John, to make sure their teeth meet properly. If an equine’s teeth do not meet properly, he or she can starve as eating becomes too painful.

Our Healing Barn

Our equines sleep in cozy, clean, well ventilated stalls with windows. They can eat their food in peace and not have to worry about fighting to survive. Many horses that were starved can be food aggressive and this helps them relax and enjoy life instead of having to worry about just trying to survive. Lola was starved twice by the same person and it took her almost a year to truly believe that she was going to get fed every day. When it was feeding time, she would put her head into the back corner – thinking ‘I am not worthy to get fed’. When she figured out that she would never be starved again, she now greets you during feeding time and eats with no sense of fear.

Heaven on Earth

Our horses have acres of pastures to go out in every day that they, and we, call ‘heaven on earth’. They go out every day and we are blessed with a wonderful healing land and plenty of grass for our horses - which of course is what Mother Nature intended they eat in the first place.
     Go Green ICS donates their natural insect repellent products to the rescue. We use their outdoor spray to eliminate as many biting flies, mosquitoes and ticks as possible around the barn. The natural spray is safe to use directly on our equines and us humans! These natural insect contact killer and repellent products have made the barn much more comfortable in the summer for all of us.
     We are blessed to offer them spiritual, healing land with plenty of grass to graze – this is what Mother Nature intended.


How We Heal  - Behind the Scenes

Because Holistic Healing is so critical to the Spiritual and Physical health of our "Equine Guests", we felt a "Holistic Corner" was essential to tell our stories, our healing processes, our healing products, and the Spiritual Day to Day Happenings at Casey's.

Casey's Safe Haven - A Holistic Horse Rescue

People Helping Our Rescues

There is so much that goes into helping a rescue horse. Many come in skinny, abandoned, abused and neglected. The first thing that they need is to feel loved, safe and wanted – that blessing comes from our wonderful volunteers! Then, it’s nutrition and rehab. We are a holistic horse rescue and sanctuary, so we use holistic healing treatments before resorting to drugs that many times can create other problems.

Nutrition and Supplements

Just like we humans, we want to feed our equine “guests” as much natural foods as possible. Our grain is GMO free, no Soy products and has organic pre-biotics & pro-biotics. Feeding them chemicals and pesticides defeats our healing goals and causes a slower healing process or other problems may arise.
     We feed sweet potatoes on a daily basis and all of our guests with good teeth get slices of sweet potatoes. Our guests that have few teeth get sweet potatoes and carrots ground up into the consistency of cole slaw. They get all these raw rich nutrients that have helped bounce our older guests back to health when the vets said they wouldn’t make it.
     We use plenty of supplements for our older guests depending on their needs. Many of them are mentioned in our wish list for purchase.
     BT Naturals donates their balm and oils for the rescued “guests”. These products have gone a long way in solving digestion, pain, inflammation, skin problems and more. Thank you BT Naturals for your generosity.
     We use Himalayan salt blocks for all our horses. These are rich with nutrients and made from our wonderful earth. We do not buy processed salt blocks from the feed stores as they are made with formaldehyde.

Laser Treatment

We also treat our equines with laser therapy which penetrates deep down in the tissue reduces inflammation and promoting healing. It is pain free and noninvasive as opposed to injecting an area with a drug that can cause toxins to reside in their system that could create other issues

Essential Oils and Magnets

We use essential oils and magnets on sore and stiff areas and energy work, such as Reiki, on all our horses to clear any energy blockages that could prevent them from healing.

Chiropractic and Massage

Chiropractic and massage work (time generously donated by talented professionals) are effective healing treatments that help when our rescued equines have injuries and soreness. Both are non-invasive and highly beneficial healing treatments.
     Sue first saw the magic of chiropractic work 25 years ago when it saved the life of her horse, Casey’s – how can one not be a believer after that?
     Equine massage therapy is extremely beneficial when rehabilitating an injury by increasing circulation, relaxing muscles and relieving tension.