Casey's Safe Haven - A Holistic Horse Rescue

Rescue Wildfire - A Wonderful Update!

We have the best news about Wildfire! She has officially been adopted by our dear Jeri! Jeri has renamed Wildfire to “Mystic Warrior” and is calling her “Misty” for short.
As many of you know, Jeri has been a wonderful Foster Mom to rescue ponies Beau, Sierra, Comanche & Kota (who have since crossed over the Rainbow Bridge) and now Tigger. She also adopted sweet little Charlie Bear pony a couple years ago. So, Jeri has been and is a big part of our family. Jeri has been in love with Wildfire (now Misty) since she first laid eyes on her and Misty is crazy about Jeri! And don’t let the gray hair fool you! Jeri plans to ride Misty. They have ridden together when Misty was at trainer Jeni’s and they plan to be good riding pals. Misty will continue to live at Casey’s and Momma Sue will help Jeri with riding instruction. We are so very happy for these two inspiring souls! Congratulations!

Sir Lancelot has been adopted by Bridget and Brian

When sweet Sir Lancelot came to Casey’s Safe Haven, he had been sitting in a stall for 5-6 years. He did not see the light of day nor had he been able to spend time in a pasture just being a horse.
When we first took Lance outside it was stimulation overload. All he was used to seeing was the inside of a stall - no windows, no sunshine, no green grass. He was leery of everything. After a month, we were finally able to turn him out in a small paddock, but he just stood in one place. He just didn’t know what a horse was supposed to do. He loved being next to the ponies, after all they were so small that he felt comfortable with them - so he just stood next to the fence by them. He never wanted to go into the middle of the pasture or get too far from the barn as that was all he knew. He slowly started venturing into the larger pastures and started to relearn on being a Horse!
Sometimes the Universe aligns and something wonderful happens that is- without a doubt- so Right and Meant-to-Be. We are so very pleased to announce that our dear Sir Lancelot has officially been adopted by long-time Casey's volunteer, Bridget, and her husband, Brian!
Bridget has volunteered with Casey's Safe Haven since we opened our barn doors in 2012. Bridget came out to volunteer on December 26th, met Lance, and fell in love! They have a true connection. And during that first meeting, it was clear that Lance chose his Forever Person too!
Bridget wants Lance to stay with us for at least a few months, so Momma Sue can continue to help him heal. When the time is right in his healing process, she wants to move him closer to her home so she can see him daily.
Bridget has worked with animals since high school. Currently, she works at Lincoln Park Zoo as an Animal Keeper in their farm area. Her husband, Brian, works at Brookfield Zoo as an Animal Keeper of their Big Cats. It has been her childhood dream to be the Momma of a Freseian and now her dream has come true.
Lance has picked Bridget and Brian his his Forever Family. And Bridget and Brian have adopted their Forever Horse who they will love and care for his entire life. It doesn’t get any better than this! We are so very happy for all!

Rags to Riches Happenings

We are thrilled to share with you that Bubbles has found her Forever Home this past year and is living the good life with her new best equine friend, Hillary. Bubbles was rescued from a kill-pen by our co-founder, Barb, whom we know is smiling down from heaven seeing that Bubbles has found such a  wonderful Forever Home. Thank you to our longtime volunteer, Chris K, for helping Bubbles to find her happy new home with Martina and Dick. And thank you, Martina and Dick, for taking a special needs rescue horse and giving her a great life with her new buddy, Hillary! We are so happy for all!

Casey's Safe Haven - A Holistic Horse Rescue

​Charlie has been adopted!
Our sweet boy now has his very own Forever Momma and Forever Home. His Foster Mom, Jeri, is officially a "foster failure" - she adopted Charlie in May and all of us Casey's Safe Haven could not be happier!!!
Charlie was rescued by Casey's Safe Haven in June of 2011 and has been our longest staying "guest". Charlie spent over 20 years of his life "working the wheel". He arrived to Casey's very thin and terrified of every little movement around him. After a year of good food, proper care, a consistent routine, plenty of patience, and being treated with love and respect - Charlie turned a corner. He has since made even greater strides with the help of many people at Casey's and his special human buddy, Ryan. And now Charlie has his very own Forever Momma to love him, take care of him every day and tuck him in with a kiss every night. We are over-the-moon happy for you Charlie Bear and Jeri!

On Easter of 2018, Tiny Dancer came to Casey’s Safe Haven after being  relinquished by an elderly couple who had gotten in over their heads trying to care for three equines. They had good intentions, but unfortunately were not aware of what it takes to keep an equine healthy and happy. When this precious 13-year-old little mini horse came to us she was frightened of human contact, had a very heavy burrfilled mane and tail and needed proper hoof care and nutrition. After proper care and handling, Tiny Dancer soon bounced back and lived up to her name as she was often spotted zooming around the pasture feeling great! On Mother’s Day of 2018,  this darling little girl was officially adopted by Lorraine S. of Wheaton!
Initially, Dancer was all set to go to one of our Foster Homes but needed to come to Casey’s rescue barn temporarily as her foster  parents were out of town. Her foster parents were so excited about her coming and told everyone that would listen! One of their friends, Lorraine, said it was a longtime dream of hers to have a mini to pamper and love. Well, Lorraine and her hubby came out to  greet Dancer and instantly fell in love with this cutie pie full of personality! Before it became official, Lorraine returned to Casey’s to work with us and with Dancer. We needed to make sure Dancer wanted to go with Lorraine as well. Every equine gives us an unquestionable sign when they pick their person and Dancer was no exception. Tiny Dancer has found her Forever Home and we are so happy for both Dancer and Lorraine - once again – dreams really do come true!

Blackjack came into the rescue four years ago and was being leased by someone who loved him dearly. For reasons beyond their control they could no longer lease him. One of our volunteers, Christine W, was working with Blackjack and they both found a wonderful connection! This summer Christine adopted BlackJack and has been taking excellent
care of his health issues and spending a lot of time grooming and loving him. It is quite
clear how happy both of them are! It takes a special person to take on a horse with health
issues that is not ridable, yet want to take great care of them for the rest of their lives! We wish them many years of happiness and companionship together!